Transplant (v): To move or transfer something to another place or situation, typically with some effort or upheaval.

It is during the spring months when our greenhouses are bursting at the seams. The seedlings have grown big enough and strong enough that they require more space. They need to be transplanted.

Transplanting can be a long and tedious process, but it is entirely necessary for the plant to be healthy and properly grow. If the seedlings were to remain next to their buddies they would eventually become crowded, cramped, their roots would become intertwined with one another, and it would eventually lead to the plants competing for their spot in the sunlight. Some would thrive, and some would not.

I often wondered if the plant ever felt scared or fearful during this process; moving from one home to another by no choice of their own and leaving their friends and the comfort of a familiar place. It’s a whole new stage of growth for the plant. Soon it begins to root downward into its new home finding comfort in the place it has landed. Before too long the plant begins to stretch upwards becoming taller and fuller. New leaves begin to sprout. Eventually, its personality begins to show in the form of a bud. This bud may become a beautiful flower which will grace someone’s garden allowing all who encounter it to see its beauty, spreading joy to others. Or perhaps it may become a vegetable or fruit that will grace someone’s table at a family meal or aid in someone’s journey back to physical wellness.

Plants are not all that much different than people. We both require water, nutrients, sunlight, space, and love. With respect to the process of transplanting, sometimes upheaval is required for growth. There are times when we may feel we are in the darkness, in a spot that is not so comfortable, feeling uprooted and alone. But before too long we feel our own roots growing downward and our faces turning towards the light. Without the upheaval of transplanting, we would never know just how much we could grow and how beautiful we can become. And just like the sun, the light and goodness of this world will always be there for us gently guiding us and supporting us so that we may offer our own gifts in our own unique way.

Happy transplanting this spring everyone. Remember to please drink lots of water, eat good food, bask in the sunlight, allow yourself as much space as you need to grow, and love with your whole heart.

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