End of Season

Happy Fall everyone!

We have had quite a busy year in 2018; full of growth, success, adversity, and promise. So much so we haven't made an entry to our blog since we started transplanting in the Spring, yikes! We promise to make more regular entries in the months ahead.

Some highlights of 2018:

- A new addition on the side of our farmstand which has been used this year to display flowers and hanging baskets in the Spring and pumpkins and squashes in the Fall.

- Participated in Wenham's 375th Anniversary Celebration

- Partnered with local businesses in carrying their products within our farmstand and supplying local cafes and restaurants with our own organic produce

- Offering winter squash during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (as supply lasts)

New additions potentially coming in 2019:

- Attending local farmers markets for greater community involvement and engagement

- Opportunities for classes on gardening and agriculture

At the end of every season, we still remain busy in taking stock of what went right/what didn't, how we can improve, and building on the years successes. We are continually striving to ensure that we fulfill our own principles of operating our business in a sustainable manner, all while building stronger relationships with the surrounding communities with which we support.

We also wanted to thank all those who have supported us this year. Specifically, our close friends and family who have directly contributed to the farm's success whether through helping out on the farm, creating new friendships with local businesses, or for sharing our passion for coming together and doing some good in the world.

What do you all want to see us carry or grow?

What kinds of events would you like to see us participate in or even host at the farm?

What have you loved and how can we improve?

Please do stay in touch with us in the off season using the following outlets:

Email: meadowbrookfarmstand@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @meadowbrookfarmstand

Hope to see you all in the final days we are open!

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