Top 10 Cold Weather Plants for Spring

If you’re anything like us, once the warm weather rolls around you can’t wait to get into the garden; however, finding the right time to begin putting vegetable plants in the ground can be challenging especially with the unpredictable weather in New England. Us here at Meadowbrook would like to offer you some helpful tips to try and navigate this tricky time of year. Here are some general guidelines you can follow that can make early season gardening preparation less of a guessing game, and more structured to ensure a healthy start.

Planting outside in the ground can actually begin April 1st. However, you must make sure the crops are tolerant to the cooler temps. Here are our top ten vegetable crops that are are most resilient with the early spring weather:





Lettuce (all varieties)





Swiss Chard

If Mother Nature decides to have winter make a brief return with a late frost, the seed beds can be covered with an old blanket or sheet for the night to protect them from the conditions. Overnight temperatures above frost temperature is just fine for these plants and will provide your garden with an early start. Spinach, Lettuce, and Kale can also have a second seed around August and provide a good yield in the fall which offer good use in fall-themed dishes.

Cold-sensitive crops such as Beans and Squash are best planted once May arrives. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the first full moon in May before planting these in your garden. More to come on these crops next month so stay tuned and until then, happy planting!

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