Our History

Meadowbrook Farm has been an organic, family run vegetable farm for over five decades. Purchased in 1974 with the intention of creating a community centered roadside farm, our philosophy is rooted in our commitment to a few key values we uphold every season: Operating the farm with sustainable practices, ensuring we provide the best organically grown produce for our customers, and fostering valued relationships with the people in our community.


Over the years all members of our family, and many members of the community, have contributed to the success of the farm by dedicating their time and energy into keeping the farm going strong year in and year out. Each season may bring its own unique challenges, yet we have always taken on each challenge with a sense of purpose and resiliency knowing that we can rely on the constant support of our community. We take pride in being a farmstand where customers can shop knowing that the produce they buy is grown on location. 

247 Essex Street South Hamilton, MA 01982

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